Fuse, 2005-2007

The William Benton Museum of Art
University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

Photographic Duraclear
16' x 12'

Site photography by Cathy Carver

For the William Benton Museum of Art site project, located at the University of Connecticut, I responded to the three large windows that provide a dramatic focus to the building's facade as well as a type of portal to the interior grand staircase. The link between the museum's pivotal triptych windows to the rose window of a gothic cathedral seems obvious, and underscores what I see as an evolving trend in contemporary art - the fusion of the secular and the religious in a lively discourse on spirituality. As a metaphor for this discourse, the image is a self-portrait (parenthesized, stained and illuminated by nature) projected by the sun's rays into the interior of the building during varying times of the day. The piece is aptly named Fuse.

fuse main imagev2
fuse sub image 1v2