Lavabo, 2006-2007

Museum of Glass, International Center for Contemporary Art, Tacoma, Washington

Photographic Duraclear
24' x 60'

Site photography by Lara Swimmer

Louis Kahn wrote that architecture is the threshold between silence and light. Jo Yarrington overtly and magically provides a transformational passage through that threshold in her installation, Lavabo, an epic project commissioned by the Museum of Glass for the exhibition Transparently Built: A Group Show of Glass Installations. Developed over a two year period specifically for the Museum, this sited piece transforms the main entrance into a potent work of art that is both captivating and hypnotic as it dynamically marks the transition between private and public space. Visitors to the museum now enter a place that is in a constant state of change, subtly altered by seasonal shifting light. Within this transparent membrane provided by the installed work, a new dimension is defined--it is a space in which to hover delicately between the known and unknown, the real and the imagined...a place to both learn and dream. Yarrington is without question a vital, creative power, able to transform space, stimulate our minds, and conjure emotions. She will continue to enchant us, thoughtfully and attentively.

Rosanna Sharpe
Director of Curatorial Affairs
Museum of Glass

lavabo main image
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