Orhcestrations, 2015

Edditional Tools Portfolio and Exhibition
Projects Gallery
SUNY Oneonta

11” x 15”

Edition of 18

Photolithography, chinecollé, and digital print

A continued interest in formal rhyme schemes and codes as well as an interdisciplinary exploration of the interweaving of poetry, music and visual arts structures influenced the development and printing of Orchestrations. Scans from two found objects, a 1910 piano role of Napoleon’s Last Stand (the title itself foreshadowing the short shelf life of this process) and a 1990’s computer chip board provide the imagery. Each item is a vernacular tool that instigates action in a mechanical device.

Both the imagery and the process, the use of photolithography chinecollé over an ink jet print, incorporate traditional and digital techniques in the process of development and execution.

orchestrations web 1